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"Brain;Notes" is the great sticky notepad application to organize your ideas and to improve the business intelligence. Available the standard text notes, but also photo, location, contact, url and voice.

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Perfect Journal

"Perfect Journal" is a simple and powerful diary application to record your life events. You can also record photos of your travel memories together.

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Other Apps



The MagiCal2 is lengthwise-style calendar app to grasp events in the iOS Calendar for month at a glance.

Key Features:
Convenient one year's calendar.
Schedules of one month at a glance.
Multiple calendars grouped by your interests.
Changeable theme color and event display style.
Creating new event.
Editing/copying/pasting the event.
Searching the events by the keyword.
Sending the event by email.
Shows the number of events in today using App badge.
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xBLEtz(BLE Scan 2)

xBLEtz(BLE Scan 2)

The xBLEtz will discover, connect and browse Bluetooth Low Energy peripherals (also known as Bluetooth Smart, or Bluetooth Light).

Key Features:
Discover for any available peripherals
Connect to the peripheral
Browse Services and Characteristics
Support Read,Write and Notify properties in Characteristic
Write to Characteristics in Binary and UTF-8
Replicate peripheral profiles (such as Services, Characteristics and Descriptors)
Provide virtual peripheral mode
Advertise as a peripheral using replicated peripheral
Download xBLEtz (BLE Scan 2) on the Apple App Store
Perfect QR Tool

Perfect QR Tool

The Perfect QR Tool is a very simple Reader / Generator for QR code.

Key Features:
Reader will support actions for QR code that includes URL.
Generator can generate QR code within 270 characters.
Bookmarks manage the QR codes.
QR code image can be shared by long press gesture.
Download Perfect QR Tool on the Apple App Store